A message to our San Francisco partner drivers

Dear Flywheel Drivers,

We are excited to announce the following new developments to the Flywheel platform:

First and foremost, we have instituted a new driver payment solution and delayed payments to drivers have started to be made current. We are working with a new vendor to speed up the credit card processing to prevent these delays from happening in the future. This means that all Flywheel ride payments will complete processing faster and you will receive payments for those transactions in a more timely manner. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience these payment delays may have caused you. We understand the importance of getting your money faster and these changes will make your payments consistent and reliable.

Secondly, we will be deploying all new equipment and updated software in your taxicabs in cooperation with our Flywheel partner fleets. This includes a new driver tablet (DIM) which will replace the current phone and a new rear passenger tablet (PIM). This new equipment will integrate Flywheel app-booked rides with traditional dispatch and Paratransit orders, and to allow our Flywheel customers to use their accounts to pay for rides flagged off-the-street and at the airport. You will start seeing the new equipment and software being deployed in the next 30 days.

Lastly, we will be installing new Flywheel logos on the outside of your taxicab. This sleek Flywheel insignia will identify your taxi as a Flywheel accessible vehicle and will increase the number of fares you receive off-the-street and at the airport with our Flywheel customers.

Flywheel cannot succeed without you. Together we can provide the best rider experience. By combining your driving professionalism with our technology, passengers will continue to use taxis. We can regain the market share that the ride-sharing apps have taken away from us. We need your help to promote the use of the Flywheel app to your passengers. We need you to continue being the professionals that you are by providing the excellent service that you have.

Together, we can do this!

Flywheel Team
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