Attention all San Francisco taxi drivers

In our continuing effort to ensure a superior experience for drivers and passengers in San Francisco, Flywheel Technologies will be suspending all orders to drivers who do not drive for one of Flywheel's Color Scheme partners on April 9th, 2018. Flywheel will continue to provide Flywheel app booked orders to drivers who drive for one of Flywheel’s partner fleets. Questions can be directed via email to or by calling +1(855)359-2420.

For more information, please read the following FAQs:

  1. What are Flywheel’s Color Scheme partner fleets?

    Flywheel Taxi
    Super Cab
    Lucky Cab
    Max Cab 
    Fog City
    Eco Taxi
    National / Veterans
    Alliance Cab
    Green - San Francisco
    Crown San Francisco
    Metro - San Francisco
    USA Cab
    Regents Cab
  2. What fleets will Flywheel discontinue services for?

    SF Taxi
    Comfort Cab
    Vina Cab
    Royal - San Francisco
    American Cab SF
    Town Taxi SF
  3. I’ve driven for multiple fleets in the past with the same phone. How can I continue driving for multiple fleets?

    Flywheel has decided to indefinitely discontinue services to all fleets that are not currently one of Flywheel's Color Scheme partners in the city of San Francisco, including the Direct to Driver program that allowed drivers to log into the driver app through multiple fleets in the past. Starting April 9th, 2018, drivers on the Flywheel network will be able to log into the driver app through only one Color Scheme partner of their choice.

  4. How can I get back to getting Flywheel calls?

    As a result of the latest change, a driver will be able to receive Flywheel calls only if (s)he drives for one of Flywheel's Color Scheme partners.

  5. How long will this change last? Will I ever be able to get Flywheel calls under a non-partner fleet?

    Starting April 9th, 2018, Flywheel will indefinitely suspend all non-partner fleets from receiving Flywheel app booked orders. If you want to continue being a part of the Flywheel network, please fill out this form. Note that by signing up on this form, you will display an intent to be a part of one of Flywheel's partner fleets and not receive Flywheel app orders under your current non-partner fleet.
  6. Flywheel still owes me payment for rides. Will I receive them?

    Yes, drivers will continue receiving payments for all the rides they’ve served.
  7. What should I do with my phone?

    Please hand over your Flywheel phones (and any other devices provided) to your Color Scheme's Management.
  8. Since I’m not going to get Flywheel orders under my current fleet, can I switch to a Flywheel partner fleet?

    Drivers are free to switch fleets as they see fit.

If you'd like to sign up to be a part of Flywheel's Color Scheme partner fleets, please fill out this form:
Flywheel partner fleet sign up form


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