What is Flywheel DirectPay?

DirectPay is Flywheel’s first move towards real-time, direct-to-driver payments. Very soon, every driver on the Flywheel network can choose to be paid immediately after a ride, and initiate this right on the Flywheel Driver app. Hands down, Flywheel DirectPay is the best way to be paid for your rides. It’s convenient, it’s secure and it’s quick!

Think of Flywheel DirectPay solution as a digital wallet with a prepaid debit card and an app to track everything.

Why should you choose DirectPay?

  • Easy enrollment, guaranteed approval
  • Use anytime, to access funds via ATMs and where Prepaid Debit Cards are accepted.
  • Funds loaded by Flywheel are immediately available
  • Self-service access to card account via user-friendly online portal and mobile app
  • 24/7 support via automated phone service or live agent
  • Send money to and receive money from other DirectPay cards instantly or transfer money to a bank account

Are you a taxi driver? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of Flywheel DirectPay? 

- Download the Flywheel Driver app from Google Play

More questions? Write to us at support@flywheel.com

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