Self-Service Promo Cards

We have self-service promo card stations at the following fleets:
(If you can't find them, please ask your cashier.)

San Francisco

  • American
  • Citywide (Big Dog, Royal, Citywide)
  • Comfort
  • DeSoto
  • Fog City
  • Green
  • Luxor
  • Metro
  • SF National/Alliance Cab
  • SF Taxi
  • Town Taxi
  • Vina


  • East Side for Hire

San Diego

  • Bashir's Office - 4275 44th St., San Diego, CA 92115


If you're in San Francisco and your fleet is not listed, you can stop by DeSoto to pickup your self-service promo cards. They are stationed next to the cashier window.

Address: 555 Selby St., San Francisco, CA 94124

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