Pay With Flywheel and In-Cab Signup How-To

Pay With Flywheel

We're giving our existing Flywheel customers another convenient way to pay for their cabs. Customers picked up from the streets or in taxi lines will soon have the ability to pay for their rides with Flywheel.

These rides are exempt from normal Flywheel rates. Consistent with industry norms, a 5% processing fee is applied.

Here's how it works:
1. Have your customer open their Flywheel application and select "Pay With Flywheel." If your customer is new to Flywheel have them download the app and enter your promo code.

2. In order to accept this ride you must be in the "Flywheel off" (red) position on your Flywheel device. Your screen will look like this:

3. Once the hail is sent a prompt will appear on your device asking if you wish to "allow" it. Select "Yes".

4. Enter the fare at the end of the ride like a normal Flywheel order.


In-Cab Signup

We are making it even easier for you to sign up customers with your promo cards.

With In-Cab Signup customers can create accounts and send you a ride almost instantly. The Flywheel ride starts as soon as the customer enters your unique code.

Here is how it works:
1. Once your customer signs up and sends you a call you will see this screen.

2. Enter the fare at the end of the ride like a normal Flywheel order.

3. You will be instantly credited with a referral bonus.




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