Flywheel Voice Dispatch Orders

Flywheel now offers voice dispatch orders for select fleets.

A Flywheel voice dispatch order is like a normal radio call that is dispatched using Flywheel software. Here's how they work:

1. Passenger calls a taxi company requesting a pickup.

2. Dispatcher collects their information and sends out an order using Flywheel.

3. Driver accepts hail on their Flywheel phone. 

4. Driver heads to pickup location like usual.

5. Driver hits on-location like usual.

6. Driver confirms passenger name like usual.

7. Driver hits start trip and starts taxi meter as usual.

8. Driver's Flywheel phone will display following "Take payment from customer" screen:

9. Take passenger to drop off location.

10. Stop meter.

11. Collect fare from passenger via cash or card. Take card payment through same methods as a non-Flywheel order. Flywheel does not charge a fee or collect a percentage of these orders.

12. Hit done.


It's as easy as that! If you have more questions, please call 1-888-667-7991.




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